Maintaining Healthy Inspiration

June 21, 2016

Healthy Inspiration

Today I wanted to take ┬ájust a minute to talk about something that I personally have dealt with over the years as a photographer and especially a wedding photographer. That is… INSPIRATION!! Inspiration is all around us and its something that us creatives must tap into on a daily basis in order to create new and fresh work consistently. However, finding inspiration can be a double edged sword at times. First off there is no lack in places to find inspiration, social media is overflowing with it and if that doesn’t do it for you, you can go old school and just go outside and look around. With all this potential inspiration to take in it can easily become a comparison game which in many cases can become a game of disappointment and frustration. For example, most of us follow our favorite photographers and/or artist and like or comment on just about everything they post. At times we can’t get enough of it, its so inspiring to see the images or pieces that they are creating. But, if we are not careful we can begin to get frustrated that our work doesn’t look the same, that our clients don’t have the same taste in fashion or that the locations we are shooting are not as epic! Before we know it all that inspiration begins to fade and we can begin to spiral downwards. So much so that some may even entertain the thought of throwing in the towel all together. This is no good! You are unique and different and there is no reason why the work that someone else is creating should ever frustrate you or lead you to disappointment. My solution? Limit your time on social media! Now I know first hand that creatives can’t just turn off social media and not engage. We can’t afford to lose momentum or even worse neglect the engagement of our own followers. However, we can limit the time that we spend scrolling through our feed. We must realize that in most cases we are following the best of the best in our industry, so naturally they are going to be posting the most amazing images you’ve ever seen. Which at first will be very inspiring but if we indulge too long comparison begins to set in and we become uninspired and possibly depressed. That’s why as of about a year ago I began to limit my time scrolling through the newsfeed, wether on Facebook or Instagram or whatever other social media outlets you use. We must step back and remember that we have been dealt our on hand of cards and we have to be very wise and strategic with how we play that hand. Focus on what you have not just what you are lacking and “use what you have, where you’re at” (Thanks for that one Chase Jarvis). Not all of us are in a market with epic mountain views, or white sand beaches, but I guarantee you if you look hard enough you can find the beauty in the market you are in. So, I say all that to say this. Sometimes you have to step back, take a deep breath and make sure you are focusing on your own work. Window shop occasionally but always remember to be grateful for what you have and where you’re at right now. You never know, at this very moment you could be the one that so many others find there inspiration in. Life is a journey enjoy it everyday!