Why a wedding album is a must!

February 3, 2016

In this ever increasing technological world we live in it seems that more and more of our memories are being stored digitally. There is no question that the digital age has given us the ability to capture moments that we may not have been able to 10 or 15 years ago. Also, with the invention of social media a lot of us have found a little more incentive to capture and post our memories. However, it seems that we are relying to heavily on social media, computers and the cloud to store our most special and meaningful moments of our lives. Lets not easily forget that actual tangible prints in some form or another have been around since the 1800’s if not longer. There was a time not to long ago where the only option that we had for keeping and holding on to a moment captured on a camera was the print! For most of us in our 30’s and up we, somewhere in our house or storage unit have a box of old prints. Maybe it was a night out at the bowling alley, a family vacation ¬†or even a wedding. Whatever is in that box of yours, you have the ability of making sure it is preserved for years and years. You are not dependent upon a “cloud” that is operated by a company that may or may not be around 50 years from now. We have to start thinking long term with our memories and their preservation.

Check out this video and see for yourself just how amazing your beautiful memories look in a premium album!

Letting the “cloud” babysit your memories is not an easy habit to break but it is imperative that we try! Take small baby steps. There are countless online and brick & mortar photo labs that do amazing printing at a very inexpensive cost. Then, for some of the really big moments in life you can splurge a little on high quality prints, matted and framed to hang in your home. Its not only the print that is important but also the preservation. When we print our work we like to put those images into a premium album or frame that will help protect the paper and ink that was used in the process. Thats why we use only the best when it comes to our albums. The video above is just a sample of the quality and style of what we offer. We hope that by seeing these images in an album you will realize how much better your memories look in tangible form versus digital.

Albums  Why a wedding album is a must!

Albums  Why a wedding album is a must! Albums  Why a wedding album is a must!